A major concern for young people is "chatting" and "hanging out" with friends. They are in need of well-designed pavilions and youth clubs to meet, sitting opposite one another, chatting, and lounging.
Everything featured in this section is manufactured by us in accordance with EN1176. A peculiarity is, however, that these devices are classified and checked outside play areas as mere furniture (sitting accomodation / sun sail / youth club). Therefore, the fitting is then allowed despite a seat rail height of 87 cm without a case-absorbing surface!
If the equipment is placed, however, immediately adjacent to play areas, the fall protection requirements must be met in accordance with EN1176. This means that an absorbing surface must be selected according to the specified maximum fall height in accordance with EN1176 / 77. With a seat rail height of 87 cm so at least topsoil must be present. Alternatively, the seat rail can be installed deeper - please ask us for further information - we will gladly advise you.