Playful learning: Anne sits on the "A", Peter on the "P", and Britta examines the "B" ... after only a few days, all the children know the first letter of their name and much more. Learning while playing, this is our motto. Together the children research letters and numbers. So they know them before they are actually able to read - field tested! You have any other idea? We will help you to realize it.

WS-130307-21 Wortspiel "UAE" WS-130307-21 Wortspiel "UAE" WS-130307-22 Wortspiel "GEMS" WS-130307-22 Wortspiel "GEMS" WS-130318-21 Wortspiel "DUBAI" WS-130318-21 Wortspiel "DUBAI" WS-130325-21 Wortspiel "RAKA" WS-130325-21 Wortspiel "RAKA" WS-130402-21 Wortspiel "TAALEEM" WS-130402-21 Wortspiel "TAALEEM" WS-130404-21 Wortspiel "RAFFLES" WS-130404-21 Wortspiel "RAFFLES"
WS-130419-52 Wortspiel "EHS" WS-130419-52 Wortspiel "EHS" WS-130514-21 Wortspiel "ARK" WS-130514-21 Wortspiel "ARK" WS-130619-52 Wortspiel "DRH" WS-130619-52 Wortspiel "DRH" WS-130722-31 Wortspiel "KITA" WS-130722-31 Wortspiel "KITA" WS-130910-21 Wortspiel "PLAY" WS-130910-21 Wortspiel "PLAY" WS-130910-21 Wortspiel "PLAY03" WS-130910-21 Wortspiel "PLAY03"
WS-131204-21 Wortzug "VELEN" WS-131204-21 Wortzug "VELEN" WS-131205-21 Wortspiel "KINDERPARK" WS-131205-21 Wortspiel "KINDERPARK" WS-140109-21 Wortspiel "MWS" WS-140109-21 Wortspiel "MWS" WS-140324-52 Wortspiel "HORT" WS-140324-52 Wortspiel "HORT" WS-140520-51 Wortspiel "DJH" WS-140520-51 Wortspiel "DJH"