The Calisthenics (linguistically coming from the Greek and is derived from the words "beautiful" and "power") is the synonym for a booming sport, which is characterized by simple training methods and full body use. It has ist origins in street sports, has been and will be lived by people who enjoy the movement and enjoy making something for their own body, combined with aesthetics and a variety of exercises that are also measured in sports competition. Typical and spectacular are exercises like the "Human-Flag" or the "Backlever", which requires several years of physical training.
The number of enthusiastic Calisthenic athletes is increasing steadily.  They form training groups, clubs and a social community, which is also strongly represented in the social networks. There are many videos on youtube about it. Here's an example.

For this sport and for the recreational sport in the public space and on private surfaces we offer you an extensive product range. You have the choice between simple, inexpensive equipments and combinations for higher demands. However, the equipments are always stable, made of stainless steel and therefore rustproof and they are quite vandalism resistant.
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