Materials and Details

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In order to provide a long-lasting and safe experience for children, we use high-quality materials for our products:

Stainless steel:
Material Edelstahl
As early as 1993, we produced the first playgrounds with posts made of stainless steel. What was considered exotic back then is now well established - for a good reason. Stainless steel is not only durable, robust and almost completely reusable - its most important property is that it is rustproof. All stainless steel elements of our playground equipments are manufactured in our metalworking shops - from dangle arches and fitness equipment to our various slides. In the further processing, the stainless steel elements are glass bead blasted to remove any impurities and to improve the resistance of the material. This makes the surface more matt and haptically appealing. In contrast to pickling, this process is environmentally friendly and also effectively sustainable thanks to the constant reuse of the glass blasting material.

Robinia wood:
Material Robinienholz Spiel Bau Siegel PEFC
Robinia wood is on the one hand very hard, but at the same time has high elasticity and toughness. Together with its unusually high and natural durability, robinia wood is perfect for our high requirements when used for playground equipment. Our robinia wood comes from sustainable forestry, we guarantee this with our PEFC certificate. To protect the children and the environment, we glaze our wooden parts in a biodegradable way.

Material HPL
High pressure laminate (HPL) is a very weather-resistant and resilient material that we have been using for our playground equipment for many years. It is ideal for climbing walls and roofs. The wide range of colors and our options for milling different shapes and motifs also result in countless design options.

Ropes and nets:
Material Seile
Robustness and secure connections are a must for ropes and nets in playgrounds. That is why our ropes and nets are made from four- to six-strand Hercules rope. We splice small-meshed and horizontal nets by hand, and we fix other connections using aluminum connectors.