Quality is very important to us - that's the good thing about Spiel-Bau!

  • High play values - kids love it, they learn while playing, are happy and active.
  • Maximum safety - the risk is recognizable - playground equipment can be safe, but not entirely. Otherwise It would be boring!
  • Get all the required certificates as well as a letter of acceptance - we provide you with everything that is officially required.
  • Good for the environment and good for the children - because of recyclable and durable materials
    - natural untreated and PEFC-certificated wood,
    - glass bead blasted stainless steel,
    - surfaces designed with organic colors,
    - all contact surfaces made of "warm" material - robinia wood.
  • Developed and manufactured by us, arranged and approved while produced - highly individual


Play value, design and quality form an integrated whole with our playground equipment. They are manufactured with great passion for detail from high value stainless steel and timber from sustainable forestry.
Colors fade over time. Depending on the environmental influences, we recommend that you renew the paintwork every 2-3 years.
As a playground operator, you should have the security that we keep our guarantee promises. Therefore we issue the following guarantee statement:

Stainless steel tubes2


Robinia / Oak without ground contact3, HPL

15 years

Robinia / Oak with ground contact3, stainless steel slides

10 years

Springs, bearings, douglas fir

5 years

Movable parts4 (plastic/metal), rubber membranes, ropes, nets, chains


2 years

Scope of warranty
The guarantee applies to our products and spare parts with the periods described and for the product types mentioned above. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase by the original buyer. Our warranty only covers material defects. In the case of justified warranty claims, the liability of Spiel-Bau GmbH is limited to rectification or to the free delivery and professional installation of equivalent replacement goods. Synthetic fall protection will not be restored.
1) Our lifelong warranty is valid for the lifetime of the product until it is dismantled or taken out of service.

Our guarantee is only valid if the products are installed by trained personnel and in accordance with the installation instructions we provide, and the maintenance of the products is properly carried out and documented in accordance with the maintenance instructions we provide. The same applies if necessary for professional repairs using original spare parts. Transport and logistics are carried out worldwide by freight forwarders commissioned by Spiel-Bau. Spiel-Bau GmbH products must not be stored outdoors until assembly and must be kept dry at all times.

Warranty exclusion
2) We mainly use stainless steel of the quality V2A/ 1.4301/ AISI 304. Our guarantee does not cover corrosion-related damage to productsthat are located in a distance up to 5km from the shoreline or chlorinated water (e.g. outdoor swimming pools or industrial plants withaggressive exhaust air). To prevent this, we recommend the higher steel quality V4A/ 1.4401/ AISI 316 in these cases. We would be happyto make you an offer.

3) Dry cracks are normal with all native hard woods, even after appropriate storage and professional processing. Therefore, drying cracks donot justify a warranty claim (cf. supplement to DIN EN 1176, note on Furthermore, the guarantee on wooden parts is excludedwhen installed in bark mulch/wood chip areas.

Our guarantee does not apply to damage resulting from accidents, improper installation, improper maintenance and care, negligence, vandalism, surface corrosion of metal parts, discoloration of surfaces or other cosmetic changes, and improper use. The natural changes in wood parts and the change of colors due to sunlight on HPL-plates, nets and ropes, that occur over time areconsidered cosmetic changes and are therefore not covered by the warranty.

4) All coatings and parts that are subject to wear and tear are also excluded from the guarantee.

The warranty conditions of the suppliers apply to foreign components and commodities.