Quality is very important to us - that's the good thing about Spiel-Bau!

  • High play values - kids love it, they learn while playing, are happy and active.
  • Maximum safety - the risk is recognizable - playground equipment can be safe, but not entirely. Otherwise It would be boring!
  • Get all the required certificates as well as a letter of acceptance - we provide you with everything that is officially required.
  • Good for the environment and good for the children - because of recyclable and durable materials
    - natural untreated and PEFC-certificated wood,
    - glass bead blasted stainless steel,
    - surfaces designed with organic colors,
    - all contact surfaces made of "warm" material - robinia wood.
  • Developed and manufactured by us, arranged and approved while produced - highly individual


Our daily work focuses on high play value, high quality, and of course maximum safety.

Our playground equipment is tested for safety in accordance with DIN EN 1176 - either by the TÜV, external experts or drawing tests. The majority of our employees in the offer and construction department are state-approved playground inspectors. The construction of playground equipment in our halls also enables us to check everything before preparing the shipment.

Many of our products have a TÜV certificate. We also offer TÜV drawing tests / certificates for each custom-made product.