Watercooled Slide

  The water-cooled slides from Spiel-Bau ensure cool fun - even in hot temperatures!

The water cooling module can be installed on all box-shaped Spiel-Bau slides.
The cooled area depends on the height of the platform (at 60 cm the entire surface is cooled, at 150 cm the lower 130 cm are cooled).

When you're planning your project, just ask us about the slide cooling and you will receive our new module as an additional position to your offer - retrofitting to an existing slide is not possible.

Our long-term tests in the 2020 test run have confirmed the efficiency of the slide cooling! Please take a look at the exact dates in our flyer.

Product examples:
WkR Render GrashuetteGrass cabin »Ilse«   WkR Render MikadoMikado tower »Bremen«