Quality is very important to us.
Quality: That's the good thing about Spiel-Bau!

Quality, that is:

  • High play value - kids love it, they learn while playing, are happy and active.
  • Maximum safety - the risk is evident - playground equipment can be safe, but not entirely. It would be boring, too!
  • Of course you can get all the required certificates as well as a letter of acceptance - everything that is officially required by the legislature.
  • Good for the environment and good for the children - because use of recyclable and durable natural untreated wood, glass bead blasted stainless steel, organic inks, and all contact surfaces made of "warm" materials, made of wood.
  • Unique design - typical, that's SPIEL-BAU!
  • Developed by us, manufactured by us, arranged and approved while produced.