Quality is very important to us.
Quality: That's the good thing about Spiel-Bau!

Quality, that is:

  • High play value - kids love it, they learn while playing, are happy and active.
  • Maximum safety - the risk is evident - playground equipment can be safe, but not entirely. It would be boring, too!
  • Of course you can get all the required certificates as well as a letter of acceptance - everything that is officially required by the legislature.
  • Good for the environment and good for the children - because use of recyclable and durable natural untreated wood, glass bead blasted stainless steel, organic inks, and all contact surfaces made of "warm" materials, made of wood.
  • Unique design - typical, that's SPIEL-BAU!
  • Developed by us, manufactured by us, arranged and approved while produced.


Our daily work focuses on high play value, high quality, and of course maximum safety.

A great number of our playground equipment has the GS sign.
TÜV drawing tests / certifications are offered by us also for special constructions.

Our equipment complies with the requirements of DIN EN 1176. Compliance with these standards is monitored by certified auditors of our company.