Our playground equipment is good for the environment, as only recyclable and durable materials are used. We mainly use natural wood, which is consistently PEFC certified and glazed with biodegradable colors. Our stainless steel is ecologically sensible blasted with glass beads and can be recycled without loss. The glass blasting material is also reused.

In order to guarantee our customers that our materials and processes correspond to the current standards, we can prove the following certificates:

Spiel Bau Siegel PEFC   Spiel Bau Siegel gesicherte Nachhaltigkeit 2021 Spiel Bau Siegel BSFH 

• PEFC-certificate
wood from sustainably managed forests
• Seal of approval from the german institute for sustainability and economy:
Product, service and advice quality, economic future orientation, company management, ecological and social responsibility

• BSFH seal of approval
Industry award for assured quality, social responsibility, organization and professional competence.

But besides our playground products, we also focus on sustainability in our company:

• Our entire heat supply is regulated by heating with wood waste
• A big part of our electricity consumption is covered by solar cells on the company premises
• The production of our playground products at one location also avoids additional transport routes