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Sustainability means using cultural, ecological and economic resources only to the extent that they are also available to future generations in the same quality and quantity.

We made it our task to use our resources sensibly and to go new ways in order to do our part to protect and preserve flora and fauna.
You can find all information about sustainability in our online brochure
Spiel-Bau Goes Green in a nutshell - you can find all the data summarized in our factsheet.


Usage of resources
For many years we produce durable and environmentally friendly playground equipment for young and old. Due to the high durability and our guarantee periods, subsequent purchases are reduced and resources are saved in the long term.
The subject of sustainability does not only play a major role in our products, but also in our daily work. To optimize our CO2 balance and the use of natural raw materials, we have improved various aspects of our workflow:

  • Generating solar energy for the company through photovoltaic systems
  • Complete heat supply by heating with wood waste from the production facilities
  • Biological sewage plant
  • Converting company vehicles to e-mobility (including our own solar charging station)
  • Production at one location to avoid additional transport routes
  • Planting new trees


Stainless steel
As early as 1993, we produced the first playgrounds with stainless steel posts. What was considered exotic back then ist now well established - for a good reason. Stainless steel does not only have a high quality, it also has many ecological advantages:

  • 100 % recyclable
  • Stainless steel consists of more than 50% recycled steel
  • Advantage compared to galvanized steel: corrosion resistance without painting or primer
  • The production of one ton of stainless steel needs less energy than producing a ton of PET, polypropylene or aluminium
  • Durable and robust
  • Weather-resistant and rust-free
  • Thanks to the environmentally friendly glass ball blasting, the surface gains pleasant haptics


PEFC Certificate

PEFC („Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes“) is the largest istitution of ensuring and marketing of sustainable forest management through an independent certification system. The PEFC certificate guarantees:

  • Use of wood from sustainable managed forests
  • Tested by a transparent and independent system
  • Compliance with strict guidelines
  • More than 300 million hectares of certified forest area

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